Dear Diary,

And so begins another married holiday season, with the travel and the in-laws, and the monkeys and the biting.

It seems we're in very high demand for Thanksgiving this year. Se we've (well, I've) developed a simple test on which to base our choice of family gathering: Which one will have more booze? Since my sister-in-law assured me that she is bringing a case of wine to my family's gathering (thank you, Brother, for marrying an Irish Catholic) we're opting for that one. I just can't trust the BHE's family to come through with enough booze for these things. Once we start hosting our own, this won't be a problem. But just I can't risk it. True, the BHE's mother is a better cook than my mother (Sorry, Mom). But you have to set your priorities straight when it comes to the holidays, yes?

In other news, two more of our friends jumped aboard the married train, so congratulations to Couple Y! I'm not one to dole out marital advice, but if, while working on some wiring, your husband yells up from the basement, "Let me know if something explodes!" run away from the light fixtures. He'll figure it out on his own if something explodes.

Love, Fluffy