Brain Freshener

Dear Diary,

I'm having a difficult day because I woke up with Aerosmith's "Love In an Elevator" in my head. It's been about three hours, and it won't stop. I don't know what I've done to deserve this. Is it because I made fun of the BHE again for liking Toad the Wet Sprocket? This has started a downward spiral of suck:

- Someone brought in donuts, so now I'm fat.
- It's friday and nobody has asked us to do anything.
- The BHE has poison ivy so he's not allowed to touch me.
- Which means we can't practice our cha-cha-cha routine.
- The Aerosmith is still in my head.

I'll have to amend this situation pronto. I'll need martini fixings and my tap shoes. And a recording of "Walking On Sunshine", which Friend M insists will clear any unpleasant song from your head without leaving itself behind. It's kind of like Febreze. Wish me luck.

Love, Fluffy