Ow. Quit it!

Dear Diary,

Yeah yeah, I just turned 30, blah blah. This morning I got to work (a 30+ minute trip, by the by) and realized I had left my laptop at home. So I went back to get it, and discovered that not only had I left it at home, but I had left it on the front porch.

Adding to my grumpiness this morning is the big cold front hitting City B, with temps dropping into the UPPER EIGHTIES. Get out your hats and mittens, folks.

I always used to hate when people would ask me "What did you get for your birthday?" Because you know, gifts aren't important to me (hippy). But this birthday was so good that I have to recount my loot.

- a mani and a pedi (RED red)

- a karaoke machine with a built-in video camera (jealous?)

- a bottle of Jameson

- a bottle of blue stuff

- an address book that says "I am so popular" on it (because I am, you know)

- hand towels with ballerinas on them

- lots of attention

- a purse with a bee on it

- 30 orange roses

- $29 gift card for Target (Get it? 29, not 30.)

- gift card for my favorite restaurant

- $30 from my sister (notice a theme here?)

- cupcakes

- the removal of a dead bush in front of our house that has been mocking me all summer

- ballons (one shaped like a penis, but not on purpose)

- DVDs (Freaks and Geeks and the Jerk)

- stuff to make chocolate martinis (I'll try anything once.)

- An "Aging Hipster" mix CD from Friend D (who turns 30 next year and I know when her birthday is, so she better look out)

Presents, presents, presents! I love birthdays. Well, just mine.

love, Fluffy