Dear Diary,

OK, I'm not obsessed with the Supreme Court or anything, but seriously. This woman is a crusty old hag. She looks like her body is stuffed with hay and dried-up twigs. My 91-year old grandma looks better than that. Hey W, if you're going to appoint subversively evil supreme court justices, could they at least be attractive? Thanks.

In other news, the M's and the Windovers are no longer allowed to dine in public together. We apparently cannot be in a restaurant or bar together without one of us:

1) making obscene hand jestures
2) going into inappropriate detail about our sex lives
3) having a confusing conversation about flounder fishing
4) spewing oysters (as a result of #3)
5) making fun of old lady arms
6) making fun of chinese people

I think dining in is the best choice for us, for now.

Love, Fluffy