NBC Tramps

Dear Diary,

The things:

1. No more of this "I only read magazines" nonsense. I am reading a real live book. TWO, actually.

2. Once you invite your MIL over for Easter, is it considered bad form to uninvite her?

3. Damn, I thought so.

4. The BHE turned 30. It doesn't seem to bother him, which bothers me tremendously.

5. If you bring whiskey to my house, I will drink it.

6. I still need a new job. Suggestions welcome.

7. Katie Couric is rumored to be finalizing a deal to become the nighttime anchor for CBS. Ann Curry is the only one I could see replacing her. But no, everyone's like "Natalie Morales!" or "Campbell Brown!" Whores, both of them. Could we have a non-whore Today Show host, for once? Ann Curry gets my vote. Even though her hair does look messy sometimes. That's just part of her charm.

Love, Fluffy