And.... shift.

Dear Diary,

The BHE are having a disagreement. Lately he has been chaufferring me to work in my car, because his is a piece of crap. Driving my car is very traumatic for him for two reasons: 1) it has a bumper sticker that says "I'd do a day for Martha" and 2) it has a manual transmission. The BHE does not like the manual transmission. He heaves and sighs and makes dramatic outbursts about how he can't drink his coffee.

We are thinking of buying a new car. I insist that it be a manual transmission. Automatics are for pussies, in my opinion. Driving an automatic is not really driving. Also it is creepy how they go when you take your foot off the brake. I could go on. The BHE is making much noise about how he does NOT want a manual transmission. It's become a source of contention. Is this the kind of conflict that Dr. Phil would call a "deal breaker"? I wonder. I tell hijm he just needs to learn how to drive.

What the BHE doesn't realize is that even if we DO get an automatic, he'll still be driving a manual because I will claim the new car for myself and make him drive mine anyway.

Hard work, this marriage thing.

Love, Fluffy