In the Habit Like a Nun

Dear Diary,

I am lately in the habit:

  • obsessively reading gawker.com
  • obsessively doing sudoku
  • obsessively checking the interest accrual of my orange savings account (Dude, that shit is at like 4.25%! I'm making TWO DOLLARS A MONTH.)
  • obsessing about whether or not to buy a Scion. (When I told my brother we were considering it, he started making techno beats at me. I've been listening to Daft Punk to prepare.)
  • obsessing about my weight (too fat, too thin, who knows anymore?)
Also, the BHE and I are changing our last name. We're going to be the Barker-Finches. Fluffy Barker-Finch does have a nice ring, no? Imagine: "We're having cocktails with the Barker-Finches tonight. Lovely, aren't they? Ra-ther."

Love, Fluffy