My Neck Hurts and I'm Deaf

Dear Diary,

I don't know if you know this, but I have a long history of hypochondria. Well, depending on how you look at it I either have a long history of hypochondria or a long history of very serious diseases (from all of which I miraculously recovered). Here is a list:

1. leukemia (1990)
2. brain tumor (1992)
3. ventricular fibrillation (1993--2002)
4. AIDS (1995)
5. Lou Gehrig's disease (1998)
6. AIDS again (2000)
7. obesity (2003--2006)
8. anorexia (2006)
9. stomach cancer (2006)
10. brain tumor again (2006)
11. meningitis (current)
12. hysterical blindness (intermittent)
13. hysterical deafness (current)
14. generalized anxiety disorder with panic attacks (duh)

That's my medical history, in a nutshell. I can't wait to have a kid upon whom I can inflict munchausen by proxy.

Love, Fluffy


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... your neck hurts and you're deaf? My diagnosis: Commmon Judaspriestconcertitis.

Mean G said...

Hi- I found you through Grateful Girl and I thought oh, she's funny and then I read this post and I thought, oh, she's my twin soul.

Currently I have about 3 brain tumors, arthritis and an aneurysm. Pleased to meet you!

Anonymous said...