Ah, no luck then, Ted?

Dear Diary,

Early next week the BHE and I are off on vacation to the Erin Isle (that's Ireland, if you're nasty). I don't quite have the travel-writing skills of Mel, but I will try to come back with some pictures. They might all be of the BHE as seen through an empty pint of Guinness, but I will try nonetheless.

The BHE and I are both Rick Steves fans. We were fans even before we found out that Rick tokes the gange. Thanks to Rick, we now know that when the Irish say "fanny", they mean "vagina". Also that if the BHE wants the company of a prostitute, he should look for a "knocking shop" instead of a "brothel". Man, that guy has the back-door answer to everything, and we are eternally grateful.

So, if anyone has suggestions for where we should go or what we should do, please let me know, because we're not leaving Till Tuesday (hush hush, keep it down now, voices carry... sorry, dating myself). We've never been before. We're hiring a car and driving all over the damn place. And maybe we'll get pissed and have some babies and get into some fights while we're at it.

Also, we have been watching Father Ted in preparation. Feck!

Love, Fluffy


Broady said...

Dingle. I have it on good authority that they boast the world's best drunks. And, incidentally, a gorgeous landscape.

Mel said...

Many thanks for the kind words and the link.

Mumsie and I are off to Ireland this summer. I've yet to plan much, so I look forward to the Fluffy meets Rick Steves recap.

Anonymous said...

made my first trip to ireland earlier this spring...with 94 choir students, gaa! if you can, travel to the northern tip of northern ireland and see the giants causeway. amazing! and hit the crown tavern in belfast.

Broady said...

Did you make it back, or are you curled in a fetal positon under a booth in a Dublin pub?

Anonymous said...