To my precious angels...

Dear my two dogs,

Let's have a little recap of the bad behaviors you exhibited when we took you with us to visit the Witch-Actions, who were gracious enough to let us bring you along (for most likely the first and last time) when we visited them a couple weeks ago. In the span of 24 hours, you:

1. Muscled in on the host dogs' food
2. Stuck your faces in the dishwasher
3. Tried to jump into the lily pond, taking the rocks surrounding it with you
4. Also drank out of the lily pond
5. Charged into the hosts' bedroom unannounced at 7:30 AM
6. Were general pains in the ass
7. Made us apologize for your bad behavior about 900 times.

I would like you to take a cue from Mel's little Monty. Look how he sits so nicely and politely, even when he's in a new and exciting environment. Look, he's not destroying anything, running away from his owner, humping his own face, jumping into fountains... none of that. He is a perfect little gentleman.

So, let's work on being more like Monty, less like Marley. Kthx.

Love, Mom


Mel said...

Monty truly is a little angel - we got lucky. He is my karmic payback for having two totally unruly Jack Russell terriers for most of my childhood.

Ashley said...

Wait til you have kids. You'll freaking hate those dogs. I know, I know, say it couldn't possibly be so and that you hate people like that. Then get back to me in a few years.

Broady said...

I think Marley and my "Zelda" may be soul mates.

Kiki said...

I hate to be the one to say this, but just like unruly kids are the fault of parents...so are unruly dogs. Dogs need boundaries and leadership. You need to be the pack leader. Watch Ceasar Milan and you'll see what I mean. And shame on the person who said you'll hate your dogs once you have kids! NOT TRUE!

Anonymous said...