So what do YOU do?

Dear T. Mobile customer service employee,

I apologize for snapping at you this morning. I realize that you are trained to type "international roaming" into your little computer, and when a script comes out you have to read what it says, pretending like you just came up with it yourself. ("I understand that it is important for you to be able to call your people when you're overseas. Let me get that taken care of for you...")

But seriously, while you're waiting for the screen to tell you what to do next, let's cut the chit-chat. I humored you when you asked me how the weather was in City B. But asking me what I do for a living? Come on. I realize they probably trained you to do that too, so I'm sorry I snapped. I'm just mad at T. Mobile for training their poor service reps to be patronizing. I'm sure that in real life, you don't really give a shit about what I do for a living. And that's as it should be.

Love, Fluffy


Mel said...

i have t mobile too. i feel your pain.

and it's not like i travel all that much, but when i do i want to make calls and get emails on my blackberry. having to ring up t mobile customer service every time before i went abroad to switch on my international features was akin to having a root canal. i got so frustrated i just added the international service permanently.

congratulations t mobile; you've successfully annoyed me into spending $20 extra each month.

Renee said...

Last night I fell for the old "Renee?" trick - I answered the phone and a friendly voice says "Renee?" so I respond (in my own friendly voice) "Yes?" and he goes on with "Mrs. So-and-So [except he used my real last name], this is Roy and I'm calling from the State Police and Fireman such-and-such-and-such fund....". DAMMIT!! The "first name trick" is so old and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I tried to tell him that I am not authorized to make a donation because my husband controls all the money, and he said "How about $10.00?" So I said "No, I'm really not allowed to spend any money without my husband's permission" and I guess that one isn't in their script because he was speechless.

-The Renee (I found you through Ashley)

MC said...

At my job they encourage us to chit-chat with clients to build "repore", but I have a terrible time with it because I can't stand when people try to chit-chat and pretend they care with me.

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