"Tramps like us"? Come on, Bruce.

Dear Diary,

This morning I was listening to The Boss. Not my boss; I don’t listen to her. But THE Boss. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan just like the next guy. But I have to wonder, was he ever really a “tramp” who was “born to run”? My sources tell me that there is really no extended period of trampdom in his past. If he was indeed singing to a tramp, she was certainly not a fellow tramp. What the song should say is, “Tramps like you, baby, you were born to run. Mind if I join you, and you can show me how to be a drifter/hobo so I can write songs about it and get famous? Thanks.”

Also, did you know that he wrote the song “Blinded By the Light”? You know the one. The chorus sounds like it says “wrapped up like a douche” and therefore is so much fun to sing along to? Did not know that.

So anyway, even though he was (and still, arguably, is) totally hot, I call shenanigans on the whole hobo thing.

Also, speaking of Clarence Clemons (which I wasn't, but his is the shoulder upon which Bruce is leaning on the cover of “Born to Run” -- thank you, Wikipedia) there is a totally hilarious Jackson Browne video you must watch. I mean seriously, what are they doing? And why is Daryll Hannah videotaping it?

Here. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

I think maybe you should look at the glorious trampy past of THE BOSS. It is a little known fact that the only way to get out of Asbury Park is in the back of a freight train. Other wise the guards will shoot you on sight. Given that undeniable truth it is a fact that the man is a tramp. In fact, if you look hard at his younger days you will see countless times in which he rode with hobos, tramped it up with the king of the tramps (he currently resides in Tackleford, England) and just basically got down and dirty.

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