Also, eating too much microwave popcorn.

Dear Diary,

Wow, long time no nothing. I've been busy dealing with various family health crises. Nothing too serious- blood clot here, colonoscopy there. Everyone is OK, for the most part. Other recent activities include:

- watching Silver Spoons on demand (I offered the BHE $50 if he could remember Jason Bateman's character's name. Sadly, he lost.)

- appreciating Todd Rundgren's rather suggestive use of trombone in the song "Hello, It's Me"

- watching hunters drag deer carcasses out of their pickup trucks and into the custom butcher right outside my office window

- wondering if my opinion about the feds bailing out greedy lenders and stupid borrowers makes me a republican

- deciding that I really don't care that much about it after all

- hoping that the BHE picked up on my not-subtle-at-all hints and bought me the complete series of To the Manor Born on DVD for shitsmas

- wondering what I should get him, because if he is dropping hints the dogs must be eating them off the floor because I have no clue

Love, Fluffy