I'm sooooooooooooooo interesting.

Dear Diary,

I done got tagged by Madden. I'm really not very interesting when it comes to these things, but here goes.

Top 5 things I couldn't do without under $5:

- tums
- trader joe's vanilla soy milk
- watermelon
- sun
- sleep

Top 5 favorite movies:

- Airplane
- The Music Man
- Everything is Illuminated
- 1st LOTR
- Something else that makes me seem smart and cultured

Top 5 baby names you love but probably won't use:

- Buster
- Carl, Jr.
- Bilbo
- pretty girl name
- another pretty girl name

Top 5 songs I could listen to over and over again:

- Stereolab: Cybele's Reverie
- Pixies: Where is My Mind
- The Clash: Train in Vain
- The Chills: House With 100 Rooms
- Debussy: Clair de Lune

Top 5 people who have influenced your life in a positive way:

- the BHE
- Tito Puente
- the inventor of xanax
- my parents

Top 5 things that stay in your purse at all times:

- giant sunglasses
- cell phone
- lip gloss
- pen
- unpaid bills

Top 5 moments that changed your life forever:

- being born
- meeting the BHE
- getting pregnant
- getting treated for panic attacks
- discovering perez hilton

Top 5 obsessions you have right now:

- eating
- my baby's movements
- money
- playing solitaire
- impending parenthood

Top 5 places you would like to go:

- back to ireland
- back to italy
- back to greece
- back to st. martin
- currently anywhere on the indian ocean

5 people you would like to see their top 5:

- Mrs. Witch Action (the scrizzy)
- high school bestie
- muffy willowbrook
- college bestie
- sister b




Me said...

Thank you :)

I'm tickled that you took the time.

Shannie said...

Now, see, you must be interesting to have so much in common with me... Drinking, xanax, LOTR, The Pixies, sarcasm, wicked sense of humor, smart, obsessive tendencies, good looking... I could go on. Wow! I knew i really liked you! Glad you got tagged... ;-)

Anonymous said...