Sweetney Says

Dear Diary,

Sweetney asked her readers to take a picture of themselves and post it. Like, right now, no retouching. She is a fellow City B resident, by the by. I don't think we know each other, but in this town it is likely that we have several mutual friends, or that we dated each other's husbands or podiatrists.

Anyway, here you are. When I take pictures of myself I tend to look scared. This is no exception. I also tend to cut off the bottom of my face.

And now, because I love copying other peoples' good ideas, please consider doing the same. Take a picture of yourself right now, and post the link in the comments. If you want to.



P.S. - The BHE is working from home today because it is the baseball draft and he HAS to monitor it all day. You would not believe how excited he gets about the baseball draft. Almost as excited as he got when I told him that a chili dog place opened up near my work, and its logo is a dancing hot dog.