Still Here

Dear Diary,

Edwin is a month old now and doing fine (well, besides his outright refusal to go to sleep before 1 a.m.. I think he likes the infomercials that are on then. We keep getting strange products in the mail addressed to him.)

To celebrate his 1 month in the world last week, I took him to a bar for happy hour. Don't worry; City B has a smoking ban and besides, he wasn't the only baby there. Here is his pal Beatrix M at the bar, who you may recall from such posts as this one.

More later.



Lori said...

He is too cute! Can't believe it's already been a month. Have you told us your birth story yet? Or is it still too horribly fresh in your mind to type out?

jenn said...

Wow, he's growing up so fast! Love that intent look on his face.

Kimberly said...

Edwin suspiciously looks alot like Marky Mark.

Anonymous said...