The Happs

Dear Diary,

This weekend started out fantastic. Here I am at the hair salon at 10:00 AM Saturday, with a Star magazine and a glass of wine. Did I mention 10 AM?

That's right: she offered casually; I accepted (probably with way too much enthusiasm), and there was no judgement or guilt on anyone's part. I told her I had a four-month old at home who is a nocturnal nurser and that I hadn't had my hair done since I was 8 months pregnant. I was probably babbling incoherently and might have had spit up in my hair, so she felt sorry for me and busted out the old chardonnay. In short, I was happy.
Then when I got home the mad man started coughing a little, he was still happy and playing and everything so, I wasn't too concerned.
But as the evening wore on he became increasingly fussy, sneezy, snotty, coughy and generally miserable.

Which required much cuddle time with his mommy and daddy.

Then when we went to bed poor little fella developed a fever (only 101, but still... general panic and guilt on my part for having him in daycare).

Anyway it was a long night, but today he seems happy and the fever is down, and he is playing and cooing and laughing as usual. And! A 40 minute nap in his swing which has allowed me to write this post.
Also. We got one of those little digital camcorders and have been recording him doing... nothing. You know, just being cute. But don't be surprised if I subject you all to footage of my baby doing nothing and being cute. You've been warned.
Also. When I went to the hair salon she somehow convinced me to dye my eyebrows a little darker to "bring out my eyes." But I kind of look... like Uncle Leo, if you're a Seinfeld fan. But my hair turned out pretty good. I would post a picture, but I'm not feeling cute enough after being up most of the night with a sick baby.
Also, isn't breastfeeding supposed to prevent this sort of thing? Why do I have my tits hanging out constantly if he's still going to catch nasty viruses? I guess it could be worse.
Looking forward to when I can finally put away my tittays,