She bangs.

Dear Diary,

So I did it; I got the bangs. I'll post a picture later, maybe. The one I took already is "bad" and "weird", according to the BHE. Sorry dude, but that's just what I look like!



jenn said...

Can't wait to see! What does Edwin think?

Anonymous said...

I think the husbands are just used to the post-pregnancy crazy hair. I don't think they're used to this polished-back-to-work look.

I got my hair done before going back to work six weeks ago and my husband said my hair looked weird. And he never comments on my hair.


Cindy said...

Please do post. I've been thinking of getting them too. But then I've been having reoccurring nightmares that I wake up with a buzz cut, so maybe that's trying to tell me something.

Anonymous said...