No Time for Anything, Ever

Dear Diary,

I am taking a mental health day with Edwin. We got up late and he was miserable with the teething (come ON already, you bastard tooth!) Yesterday I was really missing him and not being productive at work so today I decided to throw in the towel on the whole working charade and stay home with him.

Right now he is tummy timin' with some soft toys.

Here he is last weekend, with his baby friend Jack McD. I like this picture because Edwin kind of looks like a badass.

Here he is reading with the BHE. Don't worry, I don't actually think he can read. He's too busy composing music.

And finally, here is an excellent article about breastfeeding. I should be writing articles as well, but I have little time to do so. Turns out I am too lazy to be a freelance writer! Who knew.



Melissa said...

Edwin is such a cutie!

julie said...

fluffy, you're not too lazy to be a freelance writer. you time is too precious to waste on things other than very important child development and paying gigs. mothers are not lazy. crazy? maybe, but def not lazy.

Anonymous said...

Your boy is so handsome. Love those blue eyes!


Anonymous said...