Dear Diary,

Edwin's fever did finally break last week (thanks to everyone for sharing their own terrifying infant illness stories! This parenthood thing, it really does a number on one's nerves.) But right after that, he developed a disgusting cough and snotty nose. He's fine now; just lousy with snot and coughing like he's been smoking pall malls for 30 years. In fact, everyone at daycare has the same cough, so it sounds like an AA meeting over there. What with all the smokers.

Today we are determined to go to swim class. It was cancelled last week (and Edwin was sick anyway). I'm sure that he will hate it. Ever since our first swim class, he has developed a STRONG dislike for the bath. This new water aversion is troubling, because kid gets dirty and also it is almost summer and he will play in the baby pool while mama works on her tan and he will LIKE IT.

Oh, and I have requested to cut down my hours at work to 3 days a week. I cannot handle this working pretty much full time thing. We will be poor, yes, but actually we spend so much less money now on drinking and going out that it almost works out. Almost.