Happy Mother's Day to ME

Dear Diary,

It is my first Mother's Day, and I got to sleep until 7:40! It was luxurious. The BHE and Edwin made me a card, and we are going on a picnic today. Edwin's interest in the great outdoors is considerable, so hopefully he will enjoy it.

In other news, this week Edwin discovered his... cash and prizes. His meat and 2 veg. His bits and pieces. His twig and berries. (Should I go on? Because I could.) Now when we change his dipes, he immediately grabs for his junk. Even if it is covered in poop. Especially if it is covered in poop. Now I know why my friend J always offered her son a toy to play with on the changing table. But besides his junk, his 3 favorite toys right now are, in this order: 1) the remote 2) my cell phone 3) my glasses (only when they are on my face, natch). Did I mention the stapler? That's a favorite as well.

Also, he cut his first tooth a couple weeks ago. Also, his swim class went OK. He did not expose my breasts to the entire class, so that was a plus. He didn't love it, but he didn't exactly hate it. Also, I work for a government contractor and our contract is up for rebid and part of me (OK, most of me) hopes we don't get it and that I get laid off. Is that wrong? Seriously though, I just want to hang out with this guy all day. Wouldn't you?




jenn said...

He's beautiful, Fluffy! And growing up so darn fast. Happy Mother's Day!

elle said...

Happy Mother's Day! He is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

LOL My son Gage is about a month younger than Edwin and discovered his junk yesterday morning during bath time. My husband loved it when I called him in to show him what his son was holding on to. Proud Daddy!!


naugfly said...

Ha- my kid discovered his junk a couple of weeks ago, and it's exactly as you described. He is absolutely fascinated. I have to secure a toy in each of his little fists and race to clear the poop away or else I'm in for a doozy.

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