slow summah

Dear Diary,

Edwin is most definitely living up to his Mad Man nickname of late. I blame it on his second front tooth, which is being a total douche by refusing to descend and making him angry and bitey. He is really letting me have it when I try to steer him away from something dangerous, or pry something dangerous out of his fat little fist (like my beer). He looks right at me and screeches in a most menacing fashion. I could also blame it on the fact that he has not pooped since Friday, despite several blueberry smoothies and mango purees. That would probably make me mad as well.

In other news, my whole family is all over the globe currently, while we Windovers hold down the fort in boring old City B. Though we are heading to the beach in August, where there will doubtless be much sand eating.

I got nothin' else, so here are some photos.

Edwin with cousins Allison and Brooke.

Edwin with Brooke and her brother Robbie.

Lounging poolside.
Regaling me with tales of the high seas.

Right before he attacked me and then smashed my camera.

Love, Fluffy