I hear they make nice ones now.

Dear Diary,

We had a birthday party for Edwin last weekend. It was really fun, and there were like 800 kids and 900 adults there. OK, more like 11 kids and 28 adults. Still, what can I say? Edwin's really popular. (That's not entirely accurate; he just has a big family. But he is popular within that family!) The gift bags were a hit, and all the parents were really glad that I put New Year's style noise makers in them! I'm sure it made the drive home really fun for everyone.

We did the whole cake/singing thing, which only freaked Edwin out until he realized that he got to shove an entire piece of cake into his mouth. Which he totally did.

Turns out that my company DID lose the contract on which I was working. So, I may not have a job come Dec. 31. As you might imagine, my feelings on this matter are mixed. There is a strong chance that I will just move somewhere else within the company. I know lots of people there and thankfully, they are not ALL sea hags who hate me so hopefully I'll find another gig. Or, I'll get laid off and stay home with Edwin. The problem with that is, well, replace "home" in that sentence with "in a tent".

Hmm, what else? Dunno. Here's a pic of E with his birthday 'za.

Here he is in a sailor hat. Because, come on: sailor hat!