I use the word "word" loosely, of course

Dear Diary,

I think I should take this opportunity to document the words that Edwin says. If someone were to ask me what his first word was, I would have to say I don't know. Several months ago, he definitely said "dog". But he hasn't said that since; in fact, instead of saying "dog" he actually pants like one, which I don't think counts as language in most societies. Like his "word" for helicopter is just the sound it makes. Also, not a word. BUT, there are a few he actually says with some confidence and that somewhat resemble the English language. So, a list follows, with a translation key!

1. Mama (this can also mean get me more of that, my toy got stuck behind the couch, please give me what you're eating, and get over here)
2. Dada (this he says often with a question mark, when he sees me in the morning but was hoping for the BHE)
3. BAAAAA (ball)
4. off (when turning a toy off)
5. uppah (up; not to be confused with #6)
6. up (cup. the C is silent, but we know what he means)
7. ass (ice: should be interesting when he asks for drinks at parties)
8. umm (arm)
9. babooooo (bubble)
10. Adden (Edwin. For the longest time I didn't know what the hell he was trying to say, until he started saying it when looking at himself in the mirror)
11. Maaa (Grandma)
12. Bappa (Grandpa)
13. Nah nah (no; always said while shaking head emphatically)

I know animal sounds don't count as words, but I'll list them anyway. He does monkey, sheep dog, cow, snake, lion (or anything that is supposed to roar, including dinosaurs, and I'm like, how do you know what dinosaurs sound like?) Strangely, he does not do cat, even though we have two and they are meowing at him constantly.

We have 2 months until the supposed 20-month language explosion, so kid better get cracking. His little girl friends are putting him to shame in the language department. Showoffs.



clew said...

Hi Fluffy! Just surfed by and thought I'd throw in that, in my experience, the language thing will indeed explode like you won't believe. :D It'll be fun! (But you'll sometimes wonder why you looked forward to it - LOL)

My boy's first word was "Pup" - which is what we affectionately call the dog (though it's not his name, but I digress).

My boy is 6 1/2 already. Seems like he was just Edwin's size last month. :*) Sniff!

Mama H said...

When my little man was beginning to talk (at about 2 1/2... he was a VERY late talker) I wrote down his new words on a Chick-Fil-A calendar that was hanging in the kitchen... at the time it seemed silly. Now that he's almost 8 though, one of my favorite things is to look back through what he said at that age. So many of those words would have been long forgotten if I hadn't written them down...

The calendar was convenient for me to use so it worked for us...

Edwin is SOOOO adorable, BTW...

nevali said...

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Asma said...

Cuteness :) . Love it!

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