Chocolate and Nachos

Dear Diary,

First, an update about the trip to San Diego I mentioned. We are going BY OURSELVES. As in, dropping Edwin off with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm not sure which was more puzzling to me: the fact that this was a possibility, or the fact that it never occurred to me that this was a possibility. You see, I was talking to a coworker about the trip and she said, "So Edwin is staying with your parents?" I just stared at her for a minute, first because I wondered why she would think that we weren't taking him, and then because oh my god, this woman is a genius! Of course! We can go on a vacation by ourselves! Of course we can! Why the hell not? So, that's the plan for now. I'm sure I'll feel guilty about not bringing Edwin, but perhaps that will fade when I get to read an entire magazine. By the pool.  Because really, that would be a vacation in itself.

Second, today was Mother's Day and the BHE let me sleep until 8:30 and made waffles. I KNOW!!! Then Edwin picked me flowers and we went to my parents and came home and I had nachos and dark chocolate truffles. I was kind enough to take the pressure off the BHE by buying myself a gift last week. So that was a win win. Win.

Love, Fluffy