Dear Diary,

My baby is two years old today. A kid! And today was the first time I heard him refer to himself in the first person. Instead of Eddin want this and Eddin wanna do that, he pointed to the laundry basket and said, "I want that." I am not ready for this development. Me prefer grammatically incorrect toddlers.

He's just so OLD all the sudden. Running around and counting and asking for things and not wanting to be carried and asking "what IS that?" and wanting to climb up into the car seat himself. When I tucked him in tonight I said, as usual, "Night night little one, I love you."

And he said, "See ya."

Love, Fluffy

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Odie Langley said...

Yes Fluffy and before you know it he will be asking to use the car and you'll be thinking, where did the years go? Cherish these young years and get all you can out of them because they are precious especially compared to what it's like when they turn into the dreaded "teenager". Have a great weekend.