Huh. Guess he does listen to me afterall.

Dear Diary,

It is amazing to me how much Edwin remembers and picks up on. I guess it shouldn't be that amazing; he does seem to be fairly intelligent despite my constant worries to the contrary (There's lead paint in our house! I had that weekly glass of wine while I was pregnant! I never took DHA or whatever it is you're supposed to take to make sure your baby comes out smart! I ate tuna fish while nursing!!!!!) Sometimes I just don't realize that he listens to what we're saying, even if we're not talking directly to him. Take yesterday, for example.

Long story somewhat shorter, we are in the process of buying life insurance and they are giving me all kinds of crap about my medical history (And by medical history, I mean hypochondria. But the life insurance company doesn't seem to make the distinction.) The salesman who I've been working with emailed me the other day asking when was my last mammogram. So I was relating this story to the BHE while Edwin was playing nearby, and I said, "I don't want some DUDE who is not even my doctor asking me about my boobs! You know????" Edwin ran over to me and shouted with glee, "Boobs!!! Boobs, Mommy! BOOOOOOOOOOBS!!!!!!!" like it was the most wonderful word he'd ever heard. Like he'd been waiting his whole life to hear this word and repeat it at the top of his lungs. This caught me off guard and, being the mature adult that I am, I totally fell out laughing.

So, there's another gem I have to worry about him shouting out in Old Navy.


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