She should win a prize

Dear Diary,

So far, I have received fewer annoying pregnancy comments this time around. I think the judgy/inappropriate people prefer to prey on first-time pregnant women; they are easy targets, all nervous and naive. Second time around, people know they can't get away with as much nosy questions and unwanted advice.

Although I have received fewer comments this time, the comment I received yesterday was by far THE WORST I've ever received. Yes, even worse than when a coworker told me that if I don't take my prenatal vitamins, my baby won't be healthy and I won't be able to eat any junk food.

I was in the kitchen, getting some coffee. (OK, I was really buying raisinettes out of the vending machine. OK? I eat junk food, so sue me.) A coworker comes in. We will call her Rude Nosy Cow Alice.

Alice: Are you EVER going to get big??? God, look at you! You're tiny! How far along are you?

Fluffy: 28 weeks.

Alice: Is everything OK? I mean, is the baby OK???????

Fluffy: Yeah, everything is fine. I'm just... small? I guess?

Alice: But this is your SECOND! Are you sure there's nothing WRONG? I was huge at 28 weeks!

Fluffy: [What can you say to this? I had no idea what to say, so I just sort of stood there smiling and kind of shrugging.]

Why do I even go into to the work kitchen at all? Haven't I learned not to go in there ever? That most annoying things happen in the work kitchen, that the most annoying people linger there and accost you with bizarre food habits and misplaced concern about the health of unborn children?

But I need my coffee and raisinettes.



Melissa said...

I ate a ton of junk food while I was pregnant!

Doesn't that lady understand that everyone carries their babies differently? Just because she was huge doesn't mean you or anyone else will be. People should just keep quiet :P

Claudia said...

Hey, look at the bright side, being a small pregnant woman: what are the odds that you could have gestational diabetes, thrown test or not? :)

But I can relate to your disgust at the workplace kitchen... and the comments that clearly something was wrong with me/my baby/my doctor because I wasn't a total barn when I was pregnant. never mind the fact that I was a 6 pound baby (and my daughter ended up being a 6 pound baby).

Oh and my best friend in pregnancy: cocoa puffs. At least raisinettes have raisins!