30 weeks

Dear Diary,

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now, which is awesome because yay, our baby will be here soon! And also scary because wow, our baby will be here soon. Not prepared in any way. No room, (eh, he'll stay with us for a while and then we'll figure something out) no crib, (Edwin is still sleeping in it as a toddler bed) no clothes that weren't Edwin's. In fact, no nothing that wasn't Edwin's. I'm giving him a complex and he's not even born yet! I am considering buying a mei tai baby carrier thing. But I haven't yet. I think I'm in denial? Anyway, my wonderful friends are throwing me a shower this weekend so I'm sure he'll get a few outfits to call his own. And he will have a different name than Edwin and a different birthday, though even that is no guarantee because he's due Sept. 13th and Ed's birthday is the 16th.

Anyway, we went to the beach! And it was fun and Edwin actually enjoyed it (unlike last year when he was a total weenie about the sun and the sand and the water and pretty much everything beach-related). But his favorite part was skee ball. He asked to play skee ball constantly, even though he would lose interest after about 3 seconds.

OK, picture time.

Here is Edwin waiting for some fish n chips.

Here we are on the beach, enjoying some sandy goldfish crackers.

Here's Ed and his dad, beach combin'.

Here's Ed eating a cupcake, which has nothing to do with the beach at all.


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Melissa said...

Edwin is too cute!

Don't feel bad about the hand-me-down clothes. If our second baby in a few years is another boy, he will get all of Landon's stuff.