Dear Diary,

So, I have decided to resurrect this blog for the National Stop Neglecting Your Blog month, or whatever it is. Post Something Everyday, Even if it's Stupid month? Anyway, I'm doing it. I say that tonight, but keep in mind that I have had like TWO glasses of wine (ok, maybe three) and a dinner out WITHOUT the kids so I'm feeling pretty ambitious.

I have been busy with the taking care of the two kids, having a job, and maintaining some semblance of order in my home (totally failing on that last one, by the way). Seriously, how do we parents of two or more children DO THIS? When I was pregnant with John, my second, everyone said it was really hard to go from one to two. And I would say, "Haha, yeah. I'm sure it's gonna be crazy!" And they'd look me in the eye and say, "No, REALLY. It's hard." And I'd think, OK crazy person, pass the cheetos and leave me alone. Because I didn't believe them, not really. Because how can you? You have your one perfect angelic two-year old, your home is still perfectly organized, you can shower, you can get dinner on the table by 6:30, you can sleep. Hahahahaha. Ha. Just you wait!

But you know, parenthood is hard in different ways for different people, I guess. So, what's the point of even talking about it? I feel like it's hard for me, but I have extenuating circumstances, the first of which being profound laziness. So that undoubtedly adds to my difficulty coping. But I have a really great supportive husband and family and my kids are super cute (pictures coming soon, as soon as I find my stupid g%ddam mfing camera cord), so I really shouldn't complain.

Instead, I will just update briefly, for anyone who may have read this blog before (hahahahahaha).

Edwin: 4, cute, smart, affectionate, sometimes talky-backy and messy-makey. Obsessed with Scoob and Marvel superheroes (as, I am now understanding, are most 4-year olds).
John: 14 months, cute, smart, affectionate, often shrieky, head-butty, non-sleeping-through-the-nighty.
BHE: Long-suffering husband, doting father, provider, launderer, dog-barf-cleaner-upper, generally awesome force in our house.
Me: Overwhelmed. Working part-time and staying home with the kids part-time; doing neither very well. Hobbies include: fretting.

So, I would like to keep writing here sometimes. If nothing else, I would like to hear from other parents of two children who have trouble coping. But I also want to write about things other than my kids. If I even have anything else to write about these days. Because my children, and their characteristics and care, take up much of my available brain space, which was limited to begin with.


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