Terrible photography

Dear Diary,
I really like to take pictures. Well, I really like to have pictures. But actually, I don't like taking them. I find it stressful. There is such pressure to DOCUMENT everything constantly, and my camera always sucks (I realize this could possibly be user error), and my subjects are often trying to kill each other. 
Here is a sampling of the best pictures I have of my kids together, and this is after going through about 800 pictures from the past few months.

Here are the boys listening to a terrible, terrible 70's cover band.
Here are the boys sitting in their "boat", which is actually a linen chest, which I put them in because they were driving me crazy.
Here is Edwin strangling John at a pumpkin patch.

I don't know.

Here is John attacking Edwin. This looks like a cute, fun moment, doesn't it? But actually Edwin is backing away in fear.

OK, it's not both of them but here is John screaming at a waitress to bring him more breadsticks.

There, that's better.

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