twenty nine

Dear Diary,

This weekend I turn 29. That means that I only have one more year to use being in my twenties as a categorical excuse for bad behavior. But I'll worry about that when I turn 30. For now, here's a list of what I want for my birthday.

1. attention
2. tap dancing lessons (this should help with #1)
3. tap shoes (duh)
4. ballet slippers (for the leaping)
5. lots of martinis (vodka, please)
6. diamond earrings (always)

Did I mention that the BHE and I will be on Coast W for my birthday? We are going to his brother's wedding. He's marrying this rich girl who looks like she's been genetically engineered with blue blood from a Westport laboratory. I haven't found a flaw in her yet, and believe me I've been looking. As you can imagine, this makes me very uncomfortable. I don't know if she realizes that this is a competition, but I say bring it on. I was thinking of showing up to their wedding in my wedding dress, but that may be a bit much. Diamond earrings and tap shoes should suffice.

Love, Fluffy