Hail Fluffy Full of Grace

Dear Diary,

Lately I've been practicing my ballet. You know, a leap here, an arabesque there. Well, the BHE told me that I'm very graceful. But I think, Diary, that he was being sarcastic. Because he said it after I ran into a wall. I'll show him. I'm going to start practicing with the door closed, then one day when I'm really good, I'll just float by him and he'll say, "Was that a swan that just lept down the stairs? Why, no! That was my wife. I think I'll buy her a pair of diamond earrings."

This weekend, Diary, is a social extravaganza, bonanza, tony danza kind of weekend. Old friends and good times. I think I'm going to drink my face off! Charming.

Also today several people at my job are wearing purple camouflage. If you live in City B, you might know why. But it's still not right.

Love, Fluffy