Murphy's Law

Dear Diary,

When you're having a Christmas party and you want everything to be perfect, these things will happen:

1. Your 5 disk changer will seek out the most annoying Christmas CD and play only the worst songs on it, over and over and over. It will completely pass over the Charlie Brown Christmas CD.

2. While trying to permeate the air in your house with a pleasant lemon fragrance by simmering lemons on the stove, you will turn the stove up way too high and then forget and go shopping. You will return to a charred, smoking, stinking mess of lemon rinds stuck to the bottom of the pan.

3. You will accidentally flip the blender switch too early, flinging bean dip all over the kitchen.

4. You will tell your friends with toddlers that they're perfectly welcome to bring them to the party. But you'll forget that a fireplace full of candles on the floor is not exactly baby-friendly.

5. The cat will stick her face in the grated cheese you set out for the chili. But you won't tell anyone.

Despite these snags, it was a success. We even had Canadians! Now, that's a party.

Love, Fluffy