All The News

Dear Diary,

Forgive me for my prolonged absence. I've been busy burning my ear off with a straightening iron, searching for the perfect trenchcoat, playing trivial pursuit, and eating mexican food, and listening to covers of Joe Jackson songs in Spanish. (Todo leeeeee da la cáncer, todo leeeeeeee da la cancer...)

Lately I have been obsessed with material things. I stay up at night thinking about things I want to buy. Buying things is all I can think about. If I could, these are the things I would buy:

trench coat (Breakfast at Tiffani's style, not Columbine style)
pale pink sweater
pale yellow sweater
volvo station wagon
lasik surgery
an address book
a featherbed
several belts made out of ties
a lustrous tuscan leather overnight bag
new everything
plane tickets (see below)

Maybe it's all the footage of the tsunamis, but I am dying to go to the beach. I simply must convince the BHE to slap on the 35 and take me to Florida. The sun is avoiding City B like the plague. It's very depressing. I don't wear spf 15 moisurizer on my youthful face for nothing. Humph.

Love, Fluffy