Prep Transformation

Dear Diary,

Grosgrain ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, grosgrain ribbon!!

Allow me to explain. I'm slowly transforming myself into a prep. If anyone remembers the Annapolis mall circa 1982, think Pappagallo. But it's a slow and subtle transformation. A little here, a little there. For example. Instead of wearing black converse sneakers, I now wear white converse sneakers. I bought a pink and green grosgrain ribbon watch band. I bought a grosgrain ribbon keychain, too. But I didn't get the pink one with the green whales on it (which I really REALLY wanted), because that is way too obvious. Instead I went with a more subtle, man-preppy brown and tan ribbon. Very sneaky. Next, I'm going to sew grosgrain ribbon with tennis rackets on it around the edges of all my knickers. Then comes the pearl earrings and broadcloth shirts.

And then before you know it, the Volvo station wagon.

Love, Fluffy