Oh Don't Be Daft

Dear Diary,

This is me this morning.

shirt: yellow oxford
pants: smart gap trousers
shoes: black ballet flats
accessories: pearl
music: Apples in Stereo, right? Wrong. Daft Punk, of course.

In other news, I've found a distinct lack of good conversation lately. The BHE wants to talk about baseball or maps or something, my friends want to talk about some scene I don't care about, my sister wants to talk about church picnics, my brother wants to talk about his job (snore), my coworkers want to talk about their jobs (double snore). It goes on. So I'd like to make a list of acceptable conversation topics, should you wish to converse with me.

skincare products
my dog
classic preppy or preppy chic?
america's next top model
where is the best pizza
how cute is the BHE?
my cat's gingivitis
going to Brazil
frittatta recipes

Any other topics must be submitted to me for approval prior to a visit or phone call. Thanks.

Love, Fluffy