Last Day of School!

Dear Diary,

Today I am leaving my job here at Company V for Company A. Company A threw a pile of money and a laptop at me, so they have won my allegiance. Also, they have dogs in the office. Also, better coffee. Also, when I interviewed I did not once hear the word "leverage" used as a verb. I hate that.

So off I go, to work for a soulless multinational corporation, who may indeed be responsible for some of the annoying popup ads you get when you're trying to read celebrity gossip. And may also be spying on your shopping habits. You know how sometimes you go to JCrew and pick out a bunch of shit you can't afford just to pretend? They know. They know when you do that. That's why the next day you get a "Free Shipping on $100 or More!" spam from them.

Did I mention the pile of money? And the dogs?

Love, Fluffy