Whiz bang!

Dear Diary,

The 4th of July is a very special holiday. It means that I can drink for four days straight. I can wear red white and blue. I can set off dangerous fireworks. I can eat unholy amounts of grilled meat. I can say, "America. Fuck YEAH!" and kind of mean it, kind of.

Recap of the holiday weekend:

BBQs: 4
Dirty harbor water taxi rides: 1
White pants: yes
Beers: many
Daquiries with fresh strawberries: 4
Inappropriate conversations: several
Beers shotgunned: none, actually
Cute shoes: check
Taco station: yes
Watermelon: no
Honeydew/cantaloupe hybrid: yes
Dogs: 3
Parades: 1
Flags: none

And so we wait for the next holiday weekend, when we do it all again, minus the "Fuck YEAH"s and the fireworks.

Love, Fluffy