Please me; it's easy.

Dear Diary,

I am nothing if not a tolerant, patient person. However, there are certain things up with which I will not put:

1. empty ice trays
2. static (radio or otherwise)
3. incompetent coffee-shop employees (see #8)
4. waiting in line
5. no booze in the house
6. unreasonable hostess demands
7. Lowe's Home Improvement Center
8. mayo-less BLTs (one should not have to specify mayo on a BLT)
9. trying to make a martini, only to discover that the BHE has used all the olives for purposes other than making me a martini
10. Bono

See, it's easy to keep me happy. [Goodness, I hope I never find myself waiting in line at Lowe's, listening to a mis-tuned radio play one of those crappy U2 songs that feature Bono passing a kidney stone (albeit self-righteously) instead of singing.]

Love, Fluffy