40 and Fabulous!

Dear Diary,

I just bought a headband with tennis rackets on it. The conversation with the counter woman went something like this:

- Oh, you play tennis too?
- No.
- Oh.
- Well, my husband and I played on our first date.
- Really! So who won?
- I don't know.
- Uh huh. Your total is 6.75.
- Thanks.

You see, I like accoutrements de tennis. I have tretorns, tennis skirts, tennis sweaters, tennis rackets. But all the running and the hitting, not really my thing.

Anyway, I was in the store to buy something for Sister A's FORTIETH birthday. Didn't find anything for her. What does one get for one's sister's 40th birthday? Botox? A pool boy? Tennis lessons? I just don't know. Suggestions welcome. She likes running, reading, baking, gardening, foreign films, and tribal jewelry. Probably not thrilled about turning 40. Who would be? Jeez.

Love, Fluffy