Sevmo Love

Dear Diary,

So the guy at 7-11 totally loves me. When I walk in there, he lights up like a drunk at an open bar. He always tells me which coffee pot is the freshest. He always offers me that stupid coffee card, and sometimes he'll stamp it twice even though I only bought one cup. Though his grasp of the English language is tenuous at best, he always tries to start conversation (usually by pointing at something and nodding). He's just so sweet, I guess I'll have to let him down easy. Perhaps something like, "I could never love you; you work at 7-11." Hopefully this won't affect our professional relationship. I need that coffee.

In other news, I'm going to start recording what I eat every day. I think this might help me discover just how unhealthy and bizarre my diet is. It will also help me obsess more about my weight! Yay. Starting with yesterday:

3 cups of coffee
1 pint of water with orange Crystal Lite dumped in
leftover penne (that I ate with my hands, because I had no fork)
1/2 of a chicken cheesesteak
2 glasses of red wine (OK, maybe 3)
1 vitamin B12

Love, Fluffy