They Should Stick to Taking the Trash Out

Dear Diary,

1. The BHE is completely obsessed with the weather. My 84-year old grandmother was, also. Coincidence? I wonder.

2. On the workplace: Why is it that when some people send out vacation notices they include the location? Blatant braggery. I seriously doubt that they are honestly anticipating this scenario:

- "Shit, we need Windover!"
- "Sir, she's on vacation."
- "Check her calendar! Where is she?"
- "Uh, her calendar says "Bermuda"."
- "Well get me Bermuda on the phone! Pronto!"

3. On the saying "double-edged sword": I'm no expert in ancient weaponry, but aren't all swords double-edged? Otherwise it's just called a knife. Right?

4. Sister B will kill me for this, but let this picture be a warning to all women who are considering allowing their husbands to highlight their hair at home.

Love, Fluffy