Oh yeah? Well we have dogs.

Dear all of my friends,

Please keep in mind that when you get pregnant, or have babies, or get pregnant again, or accept a job out of state, or start exercising, or get divorced, or do any other kind of drastic life-altering thing, it really takes a lot of the attention away from ME. Because I just can't compete with that kind of thing.

But the BHE and I are still fascinating. Some examples:

- we have a karaoke machine
- i make ice-cream sometimes
- our dogs listen to opera when we're not home
- and one of them eats tin cans
- we can talk about sandwiches for, like, 45 minutes
- the BHE is really good at wrapping presents (like, homo-good)
- we drink herbal tea every night before bed
- i read In Touch magazine like it's the newspaper
- the BHE lurks on fantasy baseball sites (sounds dirty, but it's not)

So, there.

Love, Fluffy