But Liquor is Quicker

Dear Diary,

The thing is, you can't trust other people to pick out candy for you. My candy tastes are very specific. For example. Swedish fish: "Aww, my favorite!" Gummi bears: "Are we even in the same RELATIONSHIP?" Chocolate covered peanuts? You're in. Chocolate-covered blueberries? Yeah, thanks. I love having diarrhea.

This is why I asked the BHE if I could buy my own Valentine's Day candy this year. I think it's a perfect idea. Then he won't have to agonize over what to buy me, and I won't have to pretend I like peppermint patties. (Is that even chocolate on the outside? What IS that stuff in there? Why is it cold? Is it toothpaste?)

So next week I'm going to buy myself my favorite candy. Starburst and godiva chocolates are a perfect combination.

Love, Fluffy


Mel said...

Brilliant idea - I will suggest to my Valentine. You're a genius Fluffy.

I take it further w/the Starburst and only eat the pink and the red (methinks the yellow and orange taste too waxy).

Grateful Girl said...

Fluff - I have to say I admire your ability to fulfill your own needs and desires. I am such a freak that I still just idly wish for people to read my mind re. gifts. It takes the fun out of it somehow if I know what I'm getting... but I have taken to leaving catalogs open to pages with certain jewelry. Do you think he will ever notice? LOL

Anonymous said...