Lady Luck

Oh my god, oh my god. So the BHE just called me. He doesn't often call me (I think the phone confuses him) so I knew something was up. He said that he had just received an urgent request at work (he makes maps of disaster areas, and there are, like, tons of disasters). He works very far from City B, and his commute involves several trains, planes, and automobiles. He said "I have no idea when I'll get home, so I guess we can't go to the game tonight." So in my most sympathetic voice I said, "Oh, honey. I'm so sorry! You must be so disappointed."

What a big, fat, totally awesome bummer. I'm going to go home and drink martinis with the dogs to celebrate. By the way, who is the patron saint of sports? Remind me to sacrifice a virgin to him/her.

Love, Fluffy