Dear Diary,

Let me preface this post by stating that I love my job and and it's great and I love the company and it's great and HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING and please don't fire me. That being said...

Things a boss probably shouldn't mention to his employees:
  • that he may not answer his phone because he'll be
  • that last night was his "sex night" and he didn't "get any"
  • that he felt scared in Key West because of all the "big beefy gay guys"
  • that his wife still "puts out" after 10 years

Not saying it's my boss. Just saying that, you know, those are things that a boss probably shouldn't say. Don't you think?

Love, Fluffy


Broady said...

I like how he describes the "big beefy" gays in Key West. Something tells me they didn't "scare" him, though.

All inappropriate office chatter, of course.

Elizabeth H. said...

Hmmm......has he ever asked you to refer to him as the stallion?

Pargolo said...

K - "methinks the lady[boss] doth protest too much"[i.e. what Broady said].

Also, who has a "sex night"? Tool.

Anonymous said...