Tribute to the BHE

Dear Diary,

It's hard for me to decide what pictures to post on this here blog. Mostly because I used to be real skinny and cute, but now I'm just... neither. I'm actually just hoping to get pregnant so that I have a legitimate reason to wear anything above a size 4.

Meanwhile, the BHE just gets cuter and cuter. So I will share some pix of him instead. He would die if he knew I posted these. But he will never know, because he only looks at baseball porn on the interwebs anyway.

The BHE feigning amusement at my xanax-induced antics on the way to Ireland.

The BHE in Ireland. He looks so Irish that lots of people asked us for directions. That was a little awkward.

The BHE thinks that this is how you smile.

The BHE "rocking out" in his band
Oh my God, he's really going to kill me for this. Don't tell, K? Thx, Diary!