Girls' Weekend 2007

Dear Diary,

This evening a couple of girlfriends and I are headed to NYC for the weekend. I have not been to NYC since my roaring twenties, when I would invariably end up passing out sleeping on someone's floor. But this time we are staying in an actual HOTEL, in Murray Hill. And we are taking the train, like sophisticated ladies. We might even go to the MOMA. (Or wait, maybe I meant Mama's, that soulfood joint on 3rd Street... either way, it will be classy.)

So if you happen to be in Manhattan, look out for me and my idiot friends. We'll be wearing enormous sunglasses and trying to look like hipsters. One of us may be screaming obscenities (that's friend E) and I'll be annoying everyone by wearing a City B t-shirt and taking pictures of my food.

Bonne week-end!

Love, Fluffy