Dear Diary,

My brother and sister-in-law just had another baby as well, their fourth. So welcome to the world, Lillian Marie!

You have a hard road ahead, being the youngest of four. I know because I am, too. But it gets better. You will be largely neglected until all your older siblings finally leave the house, and then you will become totally spoiled, and your parents will be so tired of having dealt with unruly teenagers that you will be allowed to run wild with little or no supervision. Then when you're older and all your siblings are lame and/or married and saddled with their own children, they will envy your still carefree lifestyle. It's a pretty sweet deal.

Love, Fluffy


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Hi Fluffy! Yes, we do have similar names! Did you do the PornStar Name Formula too? First Pet's Name combined with first street name?! AND I see you have "Besties" too! And from what Ashley has on her blog - you love your drinks! We must live on some parallel universe of each other! :-)

Renee said...

My name would be Snuggles Chanticleer, which is not sexy in the slightest. If you consider that Chanticleer is another name for a cock (rooster), I guess you could twist it into something remotely sexual. But not really.

-The Renee

Leslie said...

Chessy Chieftain? Is that cool in any remote sort of way?

Broady said...

Candy Ridgefield, here. Seriously. I should lease that name to an enterprising young woman.

Fluffy Windover said...

Ha ha, yes. I must admit, it is my porn star name. I often wonder about my own future daughter, whose porn name will possibly be "Old Man Juneau". Sexy!

Anonymous said...